Welcome to PSM-FKASA

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Earth Resources (FKASA) is an engineering and technology based program focused on the civil engineering field. Here, students are not only focusing on educations and knowledge as CIVIL ENGINEER but also expose on research area including hydraulics & hydrology, traffic & highway, structure & material,  environmental & geotechnics in enhance their understanding, ability, and creativity in the engineering area.



Prerequisite of BAA3922: 

  1. Student must in YEAR 3 and above
  2. Subject related to the research area must be ‘TAKEN’ before register the Research Methodology & Pre-Project (BAA3922).   (Please refer to your SV to get advise about the subject related)
Example –> Research area   : Hydrology  
                      Subject related  : Hydrology and Water Resources (BAA3813)